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Founder/Lead Developer
Garrett Post
Garrett is a full-stack developer with a passion for blockchain technology. He has been developing for over 15 years and has worked on projects for large startups and small businesses alike. He study Business Management and Computer Science and is currently enrolled in Alchemy University to continue advancing his skills.
Co-Founder/Marketing Director
Santiago (Santi)
Santiago has been invested in the crypto space since 2017, he has learned, traded and even taught others in the way of web3. He began gaining notoriety for his consultation work with NFT projects. He then was hired onto the Crogecoin team and assumed the lead NFT director role and assisted Crogecoin's community management of over 10,000 unique investors and assisted Croge in successfully launching and selling out their NFT line in 3 days. Additionally he has attended conferences and networked with some of the biggest names and projects in the crypto world such as Safemoon, BAYC, Doodles, Cryptopunks, and more. He has extensive experience with NFT's and the Cronos blockchain.
Alex Pogos
Alex has been involved in crypto since 2012. He is invested, interacted, and developed in all aspects of blockchain technologies. From L1 chains to protocols built on top, to various assets on chain from tokens, NFTS, and 'native assets.' Additionally, he's attended and, sometimes spoken at numerous conferences during 2022 such as BTC Miami, Consensus, and DCentral. He's always eager and excited to help grow the 'crypto' space beyond it's current user base / project development stages. His end goal is to onboard as many users as possible into blockchain ecosystems, to facilitate a society where citizens have true financial sovereignty. His latest venture is about enabling web 3 companies get access to custom merchandise, and being able to pay with crypto. As of Q4 of 2022, he's overseen preparation, production, and delivery of over 5,000 pieces of merch from apparel to drinkware. Conferences where his merch ended up: BTC Miami, Consensus, NFT NYC, CnftCon, Rare Bloom, Rare Bloom / Art Basel.
Marketing Specialist
Luke Sproston
Luke has 3+ years in the cryptocurrency space with a vast knowledge over the whole ecosystem. Working with high tiered projects he has gained himself a clean influential trade-name. His Main skills include freelance marketing, contract processing and community management. With high ethical standards towards his community and vast experience he stands out in the crowd of legit and honest workers.
UX/UI Designer
Rebecca Smith
Becca Is a UX-UI designer using her creativity to consistently make a difference. She has extensive background in retail, sales; product demonstration, as well as product presentation. She focuses on the art of creating unique user experiences that appeals to the eye of customers and exceed expectations. In more recent history she has applied these skills to optimize frontend user experience.
Graphic Designer
Teddy Eddy
Teddy Is a long standing Artist with over 10+ years of industry experience he now brings to Web 3. His skill set includes animation, graphic design and illustrations. His passion is to bring ideas to life with his mastery of various programs as well as his keen application of design. With the newly advancing web 3 industry he has had many opportunities to hone his skills and apply them in the evolving sector to meet clients demands.
IT Specialist
Phillip Tupper
15 years in networking support, computer hardware and software troubleshoot. I have worked for several major corporations in their technical support department. Experienced in Windows, Mac and iOS operating systems, I am capable of troubleshooting issues both simple and complex.
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